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Mon, 16 Sep 2013

September 16, 2013
It's been a normal week. The biggest thing that happened was the Mexican Independence holiday which started yesterday and finishes today. In the church we had a big activity on Friday night to celebrate. We weren't there very long because, like the good missionaries we are, we went back to our house at nine o'clock, but we heard that there were about two thousand people and the activity ended at about one in the morning. Crazy, right? The weather has been a little odd because there wsa a hurricane in the Gulf (they usually don't arrive here, but they still affect the weather quite a bit). We're working hard to get a baptism ready for the twenty-sixth of this month, so that's been our principal focus this week. Apart from that, we've been busy with interviews and things which have taken a lot of our time this past little while. I'm doing well and everything's perfect. 
Love from,
Élder Bryan Hall
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Mon, 09 Sep 2013

September 9, 2013
We've had a fine week. We were both a little sick yesterday, but all fine now. Church was a little strange: last week we had 150 people. This week we had 80. My first week we had 110. This ward is very odd. We have a baptismal service planned for the 26th of this month and we're pretty excited for that. We're working hard and everything is going well. Unfortunately that's all I have time to say. I love you all.
Élder Bryan Hall
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Tue, 03 Sep 2013

September 2, 2013
It's been a good(ish) week. We've been making progress in some areas, but not in others. The weather has been interesting, too. Here, it does rain every day. In fact, it's raining right now. Nothing really special has happened this week. We did have an unusually high attendance in sacrament meeting, but only two investigators. One of the investigators of another companionship in another ward had a heart attack in sacrament meeting and flat-lined for three minutes in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, but, fortunately, a member who was a nurse did CPR that successfully revived him (and for those of you who may not know, CPR almost never works like that). But that all happened to other missionaries. Actually, I'm glad it didn't happen to us because, interesting as it would be, it is not real fun. That's all, folks.
Elder Bryan Hall
posted at: 19:47 |

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